Welcome to the Heavy Metal channel for Silent Radiance.

Owner: Dennis Domine

Heavy Metal!

Silent Radiance is a special app to do "Distnce Thrash", an interactive multimedia stream of music, pictures, and more.
We do our best to play good songs, mixes, and more, that the artists want to be heard, and make money by offering signed works, from the artists.
Also, we show gallery art related to the genre, will host DJ sets, talk show podcasts related to the music playing and more.

By having a special contract with each Artist, Label, and Songwriter, this music can be sent to you for free. From there, we hope you are touched by it, and will buy stuff.

Signed by the artist!

Please appreciate the artists by buting a signed copy of the works that you like. Store to be done soon. We have to get paid, ya know?

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Featured Artist

Thank you Dennis, for bringing the first full channel up and running.